Resting Energy Requirement (RER)

Proper nutrition is important to keep your service dog healthy and performing at their best.

How many calories a day does your dog need? Just enter your dog's weight to find out how many calories a day your dog needs, at rest, to maintain its body weight.

How much food is this?

This is meant to be a rough estimate, and will be influenced by many factors. For example, dogs who are active will require more calories, dogs that are overweight will require less.

You can locate find how many calories your dog's food contains (usually per cup) on the bag of dog food along with the other nutrition information.

Example: if your dog food contains 500 calories per cup, and your dog requires 1,000 calories per day, then they will need 2 cups per day. If you feed your dog twice per day, they would get one cup per feeding to sustain their weight at rest.

To determine how many calories per day (RER) a dog requires to maintain its body weight, follow these simple directions:

  1. Weigh your dog on a scale at home or at the vet clinic.
  2. Convert to kilograms (kg) by dividing the weight in lbs by 2.2
  3. Multiply the weight in kg by 30, and then add 70