Message from the Executive Director


Thanks for the overwhelming thumbs up on the organization’s new tag line – you’ll be seeing a lot more of in the future.  “A NEW LEASH ON LIFE” won the nod for top choice among our 2 focus groups.


We are so grateful to have been named the 2022 recipient of the “Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition.”   The certificate was presented by Congresswoman Debbie Lesko’s office to FSDS on August 31 to celebrate the importance of doing good for others in our day-to-day activities. Joining me to receive the certificate was Master Trainer, Jessica Parker; Board Treasurer, Brenda Renou (w/Oren), Monia Yelm (Congresswoman Debbie Lesko’s office): and Tim Ganahl (Hill’s Pet Nutrition local rep) (w/Honey) and Ross (mascot/security guard).



A new class begins September 29, 2022 at 4pm (4-week series).  Any breed, any size!

Limit 10 persons.  For details and to register contact:

Master Trainer, Jessica Parker at

or call 623-200-9762 x103.



Applications are now being accepted for our next Service Dog Training class beginning November 4, 2022.  Please check out the details on our website under “Apply for A Dog” at

Students participating in this class will receive free Hill’s Pet Nutrition dry dog food for the duration of the series as well as flea, tick, and heartworm meds and some vaccines.

My best!



Wellness Tip

When addressing grooming and care for your dog, it’s important to include oral hygiene into your routine.  Failure to do this can lead to periodontal disease, which can cause serious complications such as systemic infections as well as heart, kidney and liver disease.  Here are some tips for providing oral care for your dog:

  • examine your dog’s gums and teeth at least weekly
  • be attentive to unusually bad breath
  • use a dog specific toothbrush
  • use an enzymatic toothpaste designed for dogs
  • consider dental treats for your dog
  • ensure routine veterinary care that includes a dental check up
Finally, microchip your dog and register the chip!  If your dog should get out of the yard and get lost, a microchip as well as a collar ID tag with both your cell phone# on it will help you to reunite with your dog.

Classroom News 

Our students have been doing an outstanding job holding their dogs accountable, which is critical in dog training. 

We continue to work on the commands the teams learned last month (touch, sitting nicely for petting ,impulse control, sit stays/down stays, coming when called, stand and leave it’s).  And we are now adding:

  • Focus
  • Reaction to another dog 
  • Crowd control
  • Recalling with added distractions 
  • Emergency downs
  • Take, Hold and Give
  • Paws up and Off
  • Under 
  • 4 in a box

Focus on teaching the dog’s rear-end awareness is important as it allows the dog to move each limb independently and consciously for different tasks and movements such as heeling, spinning, (this can be used as an alert), and general body awareness.

Dogs do not naturally have this awareness and we teach it through: 

  • Perch work 
  • Backing up in front and at heel side of handler 
  • Backing up on a low surface 

The teams did exceptionally well at our Sun City Rehabilitation and Health field trip last month. We will be booking some other field trips this month! 

We are so proud of the teams’ progress this month!

Beginner class Highlights

Tom/Sharon & Ruby- Ruby has achieved with her” paws up” and “off” commands. She also has done some exposure training at the airport. 

Charlotte & Luna– Luna has accomplished successfully with her “touch”  and “under” command. She has now started going to work and school with Charlotte. 

Latrice & Chewy– Chewy demonstrates flawlessly on his take,hold and give command and will hold a item in his mouth til Latrice tells him to “give”

Kerry/Jase & Sadie– Sadie has mastered her “touch” command and is very persistent. She also has demonstrated really well with her “take” command. 

Scott & Luna– Luna has performed really well with her crowd control training, along with her recalls with distractions


Congratulations Facility dog Oliver on his retirement. He has served 4 honorable years with the Peoria PD in their victim’s unit department.

With Appreciation

With heartfelt gratitude we thank these most recent donors for their generosity and thoughtfulness:

Brenda Lippe

Zoetis Petcare

Monthly donors:

Timothy Glenn

Todd Johnson

Valerie Schluter


Board member, Brenda Renou, whose recent Facebook post to family, friends and colleagues, requests that in lieu of Birthday cards and/or gifts, that donations be made in her name to FSDS.

Other ways to give: AmazonSmile, Fry’s, Albertsons/Safeway rewards.

DON’T FORGET:    When you give to support FSDS, your gift is eligible for a dollar-to-dollar tax credit on your Arizona tax return.


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