City of Phoenix Enacts New Law to Protect Dogs

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To our readers who reside in the City of Phoenix- please take note of the new law that has been enacted.

Unlawful Restraint of Dogs in the City of Phoenix

The City of Phoenix has recently passed a new law that will protect dogs from unreasonable or excessive restraint that would place them in jeopardy.What is unreasonable or excessive?
This is viewed as any restraint that impedes a dogs movement and places them in danger, with no way to escape.   This is believed to occur when any of the following conditions are met:

  • The collar used is not properly fitted to the dog because it doesn’t measure the circumference of the dog’s neck, plus one inch;
  • The restraint used is shorter than 10 feet in length;
  • The restraint used places the dog in unsafe or unsanitary conditions;
  • The restraint used causes injury to the dog; or
  • The restraint used does not permit the dog access to food, water, shade, dry ground or shelter.

First time offenders will face fines.  Repeat offenders can be charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor and face penalties which include jail time and fines.Excessive restraint also includes situations described below:

  • Restraining the dog in temperatures under 32 degrees or over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Restraining the dogs during a declared heat advisory from local, state or national authorities in the area.
  • Restraining the dog after a monsoon, hurricane, tropical storm, dust storm or tornado warning has been issued for the area.

(Phoenix City Code Chapter 8, Section 1 / P.C.C. 8-3.08)Though this law has been signed into effect for Phoenix, we urge all of our readers to take heed of this.  This law provides some common sense guidelines that will protect dogs across the nation, and indeed across the world.  Our dogs are our best friends, our constant companions.  For those partnered with SDs, our SD is your lifeline.  A good rule of thumb is to provide your dog with the same level of protection you would provide for yourself.  If you would not stay outdoors in any particular condition, then you should not subject your dog to this either.Remember to put safety first always.

Classroom News

CB6  Class of 2017 – This past month our community-based (CB) class of 2017 has been hard at work.  With the Canine Good Citizen and Public Access Testing in the books, they are out on their own for the first time in public.  This is a huge milestone in the life of a team-in-training.  Classroom activities have focused on a combination of classroom learning and field tips out to the community. Josh Corrington and Troy have made remarkable progress on scent detection this month.  Kudos to local teen trainer Brianna Espinosa and her SDIT Zazu.   Brianna has worked hard to teach Zazu how to shop.  This past month while on a field trip with his intended recipient Tim Smith, Zazu was able to retrieve items from a store shelf and place them in a box on the floor.  Good job to all!

It is important for us to continue to challenge the teams by taking them to new places, so that the team can experience some more unusual sights and sounds for the first time under the guidance of teaching staff.

Croner_ShadowCB7 Class of 2018 – WELCOME to our new class!  As always, this class is a mix of military veterans, wounded first responders, teens who wish to serve the community by raising a dog for someone in need, and others in need from the community will raise a dog for their own needs.  This class officially started on Sept. 24th, and is expected to graduate in early 2018.  Pictured at left is wounded military veteran Adam Croner as he and his family pick up his new SDIT Shadow.

Spotlight on Ryan Orr: Student Trainer attending Brophy College Prep

Lady_ChurchThis month we are proud to spotlight FSDS student trainer Ryan Orr and his SDIT “Lady”.  Ryan is a Sophomore at Brophy College Preparatory, and has become the first student at Brophy to bring a SDIT onto the campus.  Ryan has done an exceptional job of educating other students, faculty and administrators on SDs, and integrating Lady into campus life.

Ryan’s passions are photography, video production and sports management, and is planning a career that allows him to combine these.  He has a strong commitment to serve his community, and joined the Key Club at Brophy Prep, an  international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership.  Ryan has a firm belief in the importance of serving others.  The advisor of the club’s chapter, Ms. Castaneda, introduced him to the opportunity to train a SD with the FSDS, and the rest is history.  Ryan has a cousin who resides in Oregon and began training SDs while in HS, and has continued to train SDs to this day, so this was a natural fit for him and his wonderful family.

Lady_Ryan1In a statement from the President’s Office at Brophy, Adria Renke had the following to say about Ryan and his dedication: “At Brophy we refer to Ryan Orr as living his Jesuit roots of being a Man for Others.  While other students have complete freedom regarding their activities, Ryan has unselfishly committed himself to a training year.  How could we do anything but encourage his dedication and commitment? Every step he takes on campus brings smiles to all of us.  Ryan Orr, Brophy Man for Others.”

We couldn’t agree more!  Four paws up to Ryan and Lady!

Wellness Tip

Fall has arrived, and here comes the holiday season.  It is time to remind our readers of some life-saving tips for the safety of your dogs.  Remember that those foods that are special treats for humans can be lethal for your dog.
  • keep all candy dishes off of end or coffee tables and out of reach of animals
  • supervise your dogs around decorations at all times
  • keep plants and flowers out of reach
  • keep your dog in a back room on Halloween when the doorbell is ringing so that they do not get spooked
  • remember that dog costumes may be cute, but should not cover the face, nor should your dog be unsupervised

Stay safe and have a Happy Halloween!

Upcoming Events

  • October 18– presentation to the Sun City Best Friend Dog Club.
  • October 21 – Puppy Shower held by C.R. Bard, Inc. to provide gifts for our new puppies.
  • November 3 – Bard PV Health and Wellness Fair, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., Tempe, AZ
  • December 3 – Annual FSDS Holiday Party for Teams

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