This month we honor “Team Estrella”, the students and staff at AAEC High School Estrella Mountain Campus.  Together, over the past year, this dedicated group of individuals has worked together to become a strong and unified team, making the service dog training program possible  Kudos to all of our hard working students and their SDITs, our teachers, and to the school administrators.   We would like to recognize Dr. Mona Ramirez, Principal at AAEC-Estrella Mountain, her support staff Angelica and Candy, and AAEC Administrators Dr. Wm. Conley, Dr. Dean Rice, Suzanne Drakes and most of all, Linda Proctor-Downing, Executive Director of AAEC.  A special thanks also to FSDS teaching staff Dr. Terri Hardison and Ms. Becky Brooks, whose hard work and dedication have helped to make a difference in the lives of our students, dogs and future recipients.