We remind all teams that when in public working, your SD must have all four paws on the floor!  There is a growing problem in the community with individuals carrying dogs in purses or slings, and dangling them over the food at buffet restaurants, dropping dog hair and saliva into the food.  Though it is true that ADA Law permits SDs public access, this does not exempt handlers from ensuring that they are working not only within ADA law, but adhering to public health ordinances as well.  Remember that laws that pertain to all dogs also pertain to SDs:
  • your SD must be licensed and vaccinated in accordance with local laws
  • the county license tag must be displayed on the collar at all times
  • your dog must be on a leash when working in public
  • a SD may not swim in a public pool
  • you may not dangle your dog over food in a public restaurant, they should walk beside you as you go through the food line
Arguments that the dog must be “close to the face” to detect scents that indicate high or low blood sugars are NOT valid.  Did you know that a dog’s sense of smell is so keen that they can detect as little as a teaspoon of sugar in an Olympic-sized pool, or an item that is buried as deep as 40 ft underground?
Diligent adherence to all rules inspires public confidence, benefits all teams and promotes healthy practices in our community.  We must all do our part.