Services Available at our Training Facility

5060 W. Olive Ave Glendale AZ 85302

  • Service Dog Training Program (18 months) for those seeking to receive a certified service dog
  • Team Training for those who wish to enroll in our training class (18 months)
  • Private tutoring for those who are training their own dog and require some specific training assistance
  • Mini-Workshops on training topics for those seeking to train their own service dog
  • Meet and Greets for local service dog teams

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Community Education Classes for Groups

Canine Basic Life Support (BLS)

The Canine Safety Program runs under the direction of Dr. Wayne Svoboda, DVM.  The FSDS offers a full Canine Safety and CPR class, designed to safeguard the lives of working dogs and pets in our community.  It is recommended for all individuals who are teamed up with working dogs, individuals who work with dogs and pet owners. This comprehensive, six hour training program offers basic training on a range of topics including:

  • Puppy-proofing your home or work environment
  • Selecting safe treats and toys
  • Heat and cold related emergencies
  • Bites and stings
  • Poisoning emergencies
  • First Aid
  • Choking emergencies
  • CPR

group picThis course is open to all individuals ages 8 and older, regardless of physical abilities.  For individuals who are interested in receiving Instructor Training, or Advanced Life Support Training, this course is a prerequisite.  Classes will be offered at our training facility.

The FSDS uses life-sized canine manikins with pulses and working lungs in order to provide our students with a realistic training experience.  The cost of this training is only $75 per person.

Mini-workshops are available for individuals who are interested in learning some basic canine CPR skills only.  The cost of this training for a minimum group size of 12 students is only $10 per person, and this is ideal for children and families who seek to gain skills to protect their beloved 4-legged family member.  These mini-workshops are also ideal for Scout Troops who are working on animal-related badges.

Canine Advanced Life Support (ALS) Workshop

The FSDS offers this four hour workshop as an introduction to paramedic level pre-hospital canine life support training.  This course is recommended for individuals who work with dogs or are emergency first responders in the community. Examples of such individuals include, but are not limited to paramedics, police officers, firefighters, nurses, veterinary technician and doggie day care workers.  We recognize the value of dogs in our community and in our lives, and realize that there are cases where aggressive pre-hospital emergency care can make the difference between life and death.  The FSDS has partnered with a local veterinarian to ensure that our training meets the current standards of care that are established by the veterinary community.  The Advanced Life Support Course includes training on:

  • Canine anatomy and physiology


    Board VP Dr. Wayne Svoboda DVM works with students using our state of the art heart and breath sound simulators.

  • Introduction to canine pharmacology
  • Administration of IV fluids
  • Advanced airway management and intubation
  • Aggressive trauma intervention

Pre-requisite:  FSDS Canine BLS Certification

Course information:  The FSDS uses a life-sized critical care manikins, and state of the art equipment to acquaint students with the basics of intubation and IV administration. Students are given ample opportunity to practice and develop skills, under the expert guidance of a practicing veterinarian.

Fee:  $225 per person

Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers (CCPDT)

CCPDT has approved the following courses for continuing education units (CEU) for those trainers credentialed through their organization.  These credits will satisfy the CEU requirements for re-certification. There is a cost of $250 per course to enroll.

Course # Course Name CEUs for Trainers CEUs for Behavior Consultants
SD 101 Orientation 12 0
SD 102 Business Basics 15 0
SD 103 Basic Obedience Training 15 0
SD 201 Understanding Disabilities 0 15
SD 202 Canine Behavior 0 15
SD 203 Record Keeping 10 5
SD 301 Classroom Management 10 5
SD 302 Teaching SD Skills 5 10
SD 303 Building Your Business 15 0
SD 401 Administrative P and P 15 0
SD 402 SD P and P 15 0
SD 403 Instructor Training 25 0