What is this program designed to do?

GAIN3 2015This program is designed to encourage volunteerism in our community, and to reward those who give of themselves so that others may benefit.  It is tailor made for individuals who have resided in AZ for at least one year prior to application and are in need of assistance.   This program is open to those with a demonstrated financial hardship.

What can this program offer to me?

Individuals who are in need of a service dog, but are unable to afford this expense will be provided with the opportunity to donate 350 hours of volunteer service to the FSDS to earn a half scholarship to cover the cost of their service dog training.  This program does not provide assistance to private organizations seeking a facility dog.

Are there any non-training associated costs?

Yes.  There is a cost of $250 for you to complete the online didactic training.  The cost of the actual classroom training, including canine first aid and CPR training, will be waived for participants of this program.  The FSDS trains purebred golden retrievers and the typical cost to obtain such a puppy from a reputable breeder averages between $1,800-$2,000.  The FSDS must then send a trainer to temperament test, procure and home the dog.  Thus, the cost for the FSDS to obtain a dog is substantial.  The PCP is designed to cover training costs, not procurement costs.

Note that this cost represents an average,which is made up of highs and lows.  Actual costs may vary depending on the quality of the breeder and the actual costs to the FSDS.

How does this work?GAIN5 2015

This program is simple, fun and rewarding.  Just follow some simple steps:

  • File an application to receive a service dog from the FSDS and indicate that you would like to participate in the Pawsitive Community Program.
  • Provide copies of your prior two years tax returns; please use black marker to cover your social security number and leave all other information intact (must provide tax returns for both parents if applicant is a minor).
  • Once accepted, you can begin your volunteer hours at our facility located at the Metro Center Mall in Phoenix.
  • You can recruit the assistance of family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to help complete your hours.
  • Complete a time sheet for each volunteer experience, and submit it to the FSDS to have the hours credited to your account.

What if my disabilities prohibit me from completing my volunteer hours?

If you are unable to complete all hours, you may request assistance from friends or family members.

Where can I locate the application packet so I can apply?

You can locate the application packet on our Apply For a Dog page.  Note that application is currently under revision.

How can I schedule my volunteer hours?

You may contact the Lead Trainer for additional information.

How can I obtain a Time Sheet to log my hours?

You may download a copy of our Pawsitive_Community_Program_Time_Sheet . Note that you must fill out a separate time sheet for each day worked.