• Are you an adult who is stuck in an unfulfilling job ?
  • Are you a teen seeking a career working with animals?
  • Do you want to do something of lasting value here in our community?

If the answer to any of the above questions is “yes”, then our service dog training program is for you.

The FSDS is currently recruiting students for a new program that will begin in the Fall.  We train both service and facility dogs.

  • Service dogs are awarded to individuals with disabilities
  • Facility dogs are awarded to local agencies / departments that work with crime victims and first responders

Students may elect to participate at one of two levels:

Level I:  Enroll to train a dog only.  Students will complete the Service Dog (SD) 101 Course, and participate in 18 mths of classroom training to train a dog under close supervision.  The dog will be awarded to a local Arizonan in need.

Level II: Enroll in our SD Trainer Academy and become certified sequentially at four levels- Novice, Junior, Senior and Master Trainer.  Students will raise a dog as a part of their educational requirements.

This program provides services to both  youths and adults.  Leadership opportunities are provided along the way.  For youths who are college bound, this level of community service is excellent to put on a college application.  Over the years our teens have earned numerous awards for their contributions to our community.  This past weekend, two of our teens, ages 13 and 16, were presented with the Mayors Award for Youth Leadership by the Mayor of Peoria, for raising the facility dog for the Peoria Police Department.

For information about how you can take advantage of this exciting opportunity, please contact us directly.