The FSDS program has worked hard to ensure that we are held accountable to the highest of standards.   Due to the current lack of oversight and accountability for the SD industry, it is a reality that there are many who simply “hang a shingle” and declare that they are trainers, absent any formal training and credentialing.

The FSDS professional development program has over the years blossomed into a full training Academy.  In June of 2019 we became the first program to be formally approved by the AZ Office of Apprenticeship as a Master SD Trainer Academy.  Graduates of our academy receive a National Industry Certification signed by the Governor of the state.

In reality, though there are several AZ businesses that advertise “apprentice training” to learn to become a SD trainer, the FSDS program is the only such program that has been designated by the state as a SD trainer apprenticeship program.

The purpose of this program is to put in place a process for nurturing the next generation of qualified trainers.  This will, in turn, ensure that the dogs we turn out are high quality dogs, able to fully meet the needs of recipients.

We continue to work to raise the bar for training in AZ, and ensure that our recipients will receive credible and quality services.