Many thanks to the hard work of staff and the cooperation of all students, our training has been able to proceed without disruption.  Didactic education continues via our online platform, as always.  Skills training is presently being conducted via Facetime to provide private lessons to all students.

We wish for all students to know that the decision on when to reopen the FSDS facility will be made independently of any decision on when to reopen the mall where we are located.  This is due to the fact that 100% of our students live with disabilities and are therefore all identified as a vulnerable population.  Furthermore, many of our students have diseases that lead to immune compromise and it is imperative that we exercise an abundance of caution when making decisions.

We are fortunate to have both a medical doctor and a veterinarian among our administration, and they are receiving daily bulletins from their professional associations.  We will continue to follow CDC guidelines, and will match this information with local statistics to make the safest decisions possible for all involved.  We will continue to provide periodic bulletins to keep everyone apprised.

We are greatly appreciative of the teamwork and cooperation we are witnessing and wish to thank everyone for their patience during this difficult time.  We will get through this.