Available courses

An introduction to service dog topics for students.  This course provides the learner with basic information on a variety of topics.  This course is required for all students trainers, and for all individuals who seek to obtain a service dog from the FSDS training program. 

Pre-requisites: None

Prerequisite: SD 101

This course helps students understand the basics of a canine training business.  Students will explore issues from conducting a needs assessment, registering and protecting a business. 

Prerequisite: SD 102

This course provides information on how to break down and teach basic canine obedience skills, from early puppy to advanced obedience.  Emphasis is placed on canine behavior and theories, as well as how to set a team up for future success as a service dog team. 

Prerequisite: SD 103

This course discusses common types of disabilities, the task assistance that is required and assists the student in understand how to fully accommodate the disability for each student. 

Prerequisite: SD 201

In this course the student will study the basics of Canine Behavior. 

Prerequisite: SD 202

This course explores the myriad record keeping requirements for a SD training program.  Students will learn information management and database requirements to maintain business, staff, client and canine records. 

Prerequisite: SD 203

This course provides valuable information on how to effectively manage a classroom environment.  Students will study topics such as setting standards, organizing curriculum, creating lesson plans, establishing a culture in the classroom and creative classroom activities.

Prerequisite: SD 301

In this course students will learn how to teach service dog skills for mobility, medical alert, PTSD, hearing and psychological assistance.  Lessons will include tips and pointers for training dogs in the classroom as well as out in the community. 

Prerequisite: SD 302

In this course students will learn how to nurture and grow their training program.  We will explore different types of services that a SD program may offer, as well as other types of canine training services that will attract clients and help a business to thrive. 

Prerequisite: SD 303

This course discusses the importance of establishing strong policy and procedure to help protect your business.  Students will learn to organize the necessary policies and procedures for general business requirements, and employees. 

Prerequisite: SD 401

In this course students will learn to establish policies and procedures for a SD training program.  This includes policies for recipients, student trainers and canines. We will also touch briefly on policies for canine medication management.

Prerequisite: SD 402

In this course students will explore the final dimension for student learners in the FSDS Training Academy- and that is "teaching how to teach".  Students will learn how to mentor and train the next generation of safety instructors and SD trainers. 

This course has been designed to deliver necessary and required training for employees of the FSDS.  First, this course shall provide new employees with the required orientation training to assist them in understanding their role at the FSDS.  Secondly, this class shall provide training on those topics that are subject to annual review.  Finally, this is to provide staff with the basic professional development necessary to uphold the high standards established by the FSDS.