Welcome Back to the Classroom!

It is back to school time for students, teachers and staff. Not only will teachers be meeting new students, but they will also be meeting our SDITs (Service Dogs in Training) in their classrooms, some for the first time. We have some suggestions on welcoming a SDIT into your classroom.

  1. Let the dog come in and meet the teacher and the other students in the classroom. It is very likely that the other students will be curious and have lots of questions. Get these over with in the beginning so the students have a comfort level. Have the student handler introduce the dog and explain some of the training.
  2. Allow the dog to sniff around the classroom. This will help in making sure the dog is comfortable and aware of the surroundings.
  3. Limit noisy activities especially in the beginning. Finding suitable activities that will not alarm a dog in a new environment will make them more comfortable.
  4. Make sure that the student handler has a seat preferably on the side and not in the middle of the classroom. This will be less distracting for the dog as well as your other students.
  5. In the cafeteria the students should have ample room under the table that the dog can remain while they are eating.


bard-logoThank You!

Our sincere thanks goes out to the C.R. Bard Foundation for a generous $5,500 donation to help us grow our online educational program.


Classroom News

Estrella Mountain Campus – we are so excited to welcome our new students to the EM campus. Please welcome Savannah Palafox , Joslyn Jendry, Revecca Rioux, Sarah Couture, Whitney Pulsipher, Abby Corbin, Emalee Bonilla, Leilani Moran-Barrera, Morgan Rivers, Tyler Kennedy and Salem Ruiz. We are so happy to have you as part of the FSDS family!

PVClassJuly2014Paradise Valley Campus – the student handlers from Paradise Valley AAEC took their dogs to Dave and Busters for their last summer field trip on July 25. The girls and the dogs had a lot of training opportunities – the area was filled with lights and loud sounds. The girls also bowled while the dogs looked on. Everyone had a great time, and the dogs did exceptionally well.


The FSDS is always looking for donations to help our program. At this time we are especially looking for flea and tick and heartworm medications. If you have or know of anyone who possibly could donate these items, please contact us. All donations are tax deductible.