As many of you may be aware, the Metrocenter Mall, where our training facility has been located, announced its closing without warning late in the day last Friday.  They will be closing their doors forever on June 30th, just 8 days from now.  They have given all businesses until July 15th to vacate their suites.

Though this does leave the FSDS without a dedicated facility, this is a temporary setback.  Due to the pandemic and the explosion of Covid cases here in AZ, our facility has been shut down for the safety of all.  During this time, training has continued via private Facetime lessons.  We will continue in this manner until such time as it is safe to resume in person training.

During this time we will seek out a new facility space.  It is the mall, and not the FSDS that has closed.  Our commitment to community remains strong.  We will locate a new facility, and look forward to the next chapter as we move forward.  We appreciate all of your support during this time.