The FSDS is dedicated to providing education to our community.  Our innovative education programs are designed to meet the needs of a diverse group of learners.

Service Dog Training Program


Students take a field trip to work on public access skills.

We provide a comprehensive program that teaches individuals to train service animals. This program creatively couples the delivery of quality education to interested individuals with the ability to provide certified service and facility dogs to our community.  We offer two levels of participation.  Individuals interested in acquiring SD training skills may elect to participate and train a dog to assist someone else in need, or individuals in need of a dog who are physically able to participate may train their own dog.  Appropriate, medically screened dogs are provided by the FSDS.

Canine Safety Program

Our comprehensive Basic Life Support (BLS) training, which includes canine first aid and CPR certification.  This class is open to anyone age 8 or older, and there are no prerequisites.  Recommended for service dog teams, dog owners, first responders and for any youth interested in dog-sitting.  We also offer an Advanced Life Support (ALS) Workshop, designed to meet the needs of K9 officers and first responders who may be called upon to assist at accident scenes.

Educating the Community

Educational classes or presentations are available upon request to the community.  We have been approved by the Arizona Peace Officers standards and Training (AZ POST) Board to offer up to 12 CEU credits for law enforcement professionals interested in service dog or safety training.  In 2013, we will be offering education  to medical professionals, in order to assist them in selecting and referring those patients who may benefit from the assistance of a service dog.