Apr 232015
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Has your team been denied entrance into a public place?  Have you been asked to leave a public place, without justification?  Challenges such as this are an unfortunate reality for many teams.  The FSDS has teamed up with Handi-Dogs Inc., a Tucson based service dog training program in Arizona to investigate this problem more thoroughly.  We are reaching out to all service dog teams, regardless of whether you are program or privately trained, regardless of geographic region, to gain reliable and reproducible statistics that will provide clarification on the extend and nature of these challenges.  The information gained will be used to drive evidence-based recommendations for public education and policy.

If your team has experienced an access challenge, we ask that you become a part of the solution for all by taking 2 minutes to complete this easy, online form to describe the challenge for us.  We ask that you share this information with all service dog teams you are familiar with.

Public Access Challenge Report Form

Mar 272015

How many calories a day does your dog need to maintain its body weight at rest?  This is a question that all handlers should be able to answer, in order to establish a baseline and adjust their dogs diet accordingly.  The calories required at rest are known as the Rough Energy Requirement (RER).  Check out the new RER Calculator on our site.  This useful took allows you to simply enter your dogs weight and the program does the math for you!

Jan 022013

As of December 2012, the Arizona Peace Officers Standards and Training Board has approved the following classes for continuing education credit:

Canine Basic Life Support (BLS) / 6 hour – the BLS course focuses on prevention of common canine illness and injury. It provides first aid and CPR certification, and is recommended for K9 handlers, animal control officers and all other personnel who are likely to encounter animals in the course of their duties. Prerequisite: none

Canine Advanced Life Support (ALS) Workshop / 4 hours – an introduction to advanced lifesaving skills such as IV’s, intubation, recognition of heart and breath sounds and emergency medications for dogs. Prerequisite: Canine BLS.

Service Dogs and the Law / 2 hours – provides police officers and others with an understanding of different types of service dogs, and the laws that apply to these dogs. Distinctions are also made between service dogs and other types of working dogs such as therapy dogs, companion animals and facility dogs. Recommended for all Arizona police officers. Prerequisite: none.